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Black Ant Pest Control services are flexible, affordable and comply to all legislative and regulatory requirements.

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Impact Pest Control

Flexible pest control services tailored for maximum impact, only when you need it. Available as a once off or recurring service. 

  • Residential houses

  • Complexes/Estates

  • Workshops/dealerships,

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Vehicles

  • Storage Rooms


Safe and effective solutions for the prevention and control of all species of termites.

  • Pre-construction soil poisoning

  • Post-construction foundation treatment (drill & inject)

  • Lawn & garden treatment (blanket spray)

  • Eco-friendly termite baiting system

Fogging & Misting

Thermal fogging and ULV misting space treatments.

Specialized space treatments for the control of crawling and flying insects in production facilities, warehouses and vehicles.

Precision Pest Control

Fully managed IPM programs, tailored to meet the highest standards of food and pharmaceutical safety.​​

  • Food processing, manufacturing and distribution

  • Food retail

  • Pharmaceutical & medical manufacturing, distribution, retail

Audits & Training

Independent pest control audits and compliance gap audits to ensure that your facility adheres to the highest possible pest control standards.

Pest Proofing & Repairs

Pest related proofing and exclusion services to help you keep pests out and auditors happy.

  • Sealing of rodent entry points and runways (holes in walls and under doors, pipes and wiring of electrical equipment and aircons etc)

  • Repair and sealing of plumbing gaps and pipestiling and cracks in flooringgaps and entry points in ceilings and roofing

  • Fitment of fly screens and exclusion devices on entrances and windows

  • Bird proofing and deterrent services

  • Repair of pest related damages to building, wiring and plumbing

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